Lauren S. Power | How to Conquer Your Inner Grinch
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How to Conquer Your Inner Grinch

“Just because I have good reasons to be stressed doesn’t mean I have an excuse to rob others of holiday cheer. There is no need to feel guilty about being distracted from family fun. There is a lot to manager, but we also have so much to celebrate this year. I want to make it a priority to be present for my family.”  

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“How to Conquer Your Inner Grinch”

By Lauren S. Power

Published in the Singapore American Newspaper in November 2016, page 23.

Available in print and online.


I started writing for the Singapore American Newspaper after I moved to Singapore in 2013. The publication is closely supported by the American expat community, but boasts a wide readership among international expats and Singaporeans alike. According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, foreigners made up nearly 40% of the country’s population in 2017 — that’s 2.18 million permanent residents and expatriates!


Published since 1958, the Singapore American Newspaper is one of the most professional and widely-read association newspapers in Singapore. SAN covers a wide variety of topics and is a monthly guide for events, happenings and current affairs in Singapore. The newspaper is written by the community, for the community. Read about the history of SAN here.

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