Lauren S. Power | How to Sweat Like a Pro
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How to Sweat Like a Pro

“When I’m on the treadmill, I chase visions of my thinner, tanner self. I imagine what life will be like when I jog without jiggle, frolicking with the other nymphs on the beach. If I can just push through the last five minutes of cardio, I will be that much closer to achieving my dream! I have never caught up with this mythical version of myself, and some days I feel so far behind that I should give up the chase.
Guess what? Even the most successful gods and goddesses of the Iron Temple (aka your local fitness studio) have felt the same sense of defeat from time to time.”  

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“How to Sweat Like a Pro”

By Lauren S. Power

Published in the Singapore American Newspaper in June/July 2016, page 21-22.

Available in print and online.


I started writing for the Singapore American Newspaper after I moved to Singapore in 2013. The publication is closely supported by the American expat community, but boasts a wide readership among international expats and Singaporeans alike. According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, foreigners made up nearly 40% of the country’s population in 2017 — that’s 2.18 million permanent residents and expatriates!


Published since 1958, the Singapore American Newspaper is one of the most professional and widely-read association newspapers in Singapore. SAN covers a wide variety of topics and is a monthly guide for events, happenings and current affairs in Singapore. The newspaper is written by the community, for the community. Read about the history of SAN here.

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