Lauren S. Power | The Worlds Within: An anthology of TCK art and writing: young, global and between cultures
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The Worlds Within: An anthology of TCK art and writing: young, global and between cultures

Being accepted as a contributor to this anthology felt incredible! It was my first time to express my reflections on the changes in identity (and identity crisis!) that I had experienced as an ATCK and expat abroad.


This book explores the world of TCKs and ATCKs, those global nomads who find themselves developing across countries, cultures, and languages from a young age. Through art and creative writing, we come to know their journeys.





“Just as Lennart Nilsson’s spectacular photographs of developing embryos revolutionized our view of human life, so too will The Worlds Within shed light on the development of the TCK personality, from toddler to adult, and all from within the fluid of the TCK’s own experience. A fascinating read.”

-Douglas W. Ota, author of Safe Passage: What Mobility Does to People and What International Schools Should Do About It


“A must read for children of international assignees, their families, and international assignment educators! We are finally given an opportunity to hear from the children themselves and experience the life of young expats through their eyes. Children’s personal stories and works of art open up the gates of expat compounds and take us readers on a heart-felt journey of what it means to be a Third Culture Kid (TCK): what it means to reconcile multiple cultural affiliations and struggle with a yearning to belong; to loose old friends and find new ones, to learn to live and thrive in a constant swirl of change. I am yet to find another source that presents the story of the Third Culture Kid so fully and so beautifully.”

– Yulia Carson, Intercultural Trainer and International Youth Educator

“To read this anthology is to reverberate our stories as a growing tribe. We echo one another. These youths’ stories are mine, yours, ours.”

-Myra Dumapias, MSW, CEO of TCKid, Building Cross Cultural Bridges

“This is a much needed resource for TCK’s, their families, friends, teachers and for older TCK’s, their future spouses/life partners. Not since “Hidden Immigrants’ more than a decade ago has there been such a powerful collection of first person narratives and art work from third culture kids. The World’s Within is an amazing expose on TCK identity that spans children of 4 years to young adults in their mid twenties. The variety in voices shows the individual differences, the ways of resilience and creativity with which children to young adults have dealt with multiple country, language, and family changes. At the same time this book does not shy away from the emotional toll that comes from the losses of friendships, cultures, and the feeling of being an outsider except with other TCK’s. As a former expatriate who raised children for several years overseas, I highly recommend this courageous, informative book. Bravo to the authors!”

-Harriet Cannon, author of Mixed Blessings: A guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships


The Worlds Within: An anthology of TCK art and writing: young, global and between cultures

Editors: Jo Parfitt and‎ Eva László-Herbert

Published in the United Kingdom by Summertime Publishing. First edition 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-909193-70-3

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